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Friday - April 3, 1981

2:10pm | The Paperboy: Strictly Business



“So, we gonna go to your place and bag it up there?” Kevin asked, as the bus approached their stop and the two youths stood and made their way to the back exit.


Naw, said Mark.  I’ve got a better idea.


As the two exited the bus, Mark jumped from the last step a little heavy, and felt the plastic baggie full of weed almost fall from his inner-waistband (where he had stashed it) and was headed down the leg of his pants.  He caught it my grabbing his crotch just as it arrived, while he felt the vacuumed swoosh of the closing folding-doors of the Bus at his back, as it roared-off.


Shit, the weed almost fell out, Yo!  Mark exclaimed as he reached conspicuously into his crotch to adjust the package. Bristling with small sticks, the bag was a little uncomfortable, as it poked his bare young flesh. But, sticks or not it would sell.  He just needed to get it bagged and ready.  With this sole thought in tow, the two headed for school.  Ironic that they should be going to school after committing to cutting for the day.  But they only had about an hour or so before school would let out and the kids would pile outside and head for the bus stops to get back to the inner-city where they were all from.


Mark wondered; If the inner-city kids were bussed to the suburbs for school, who went to the schools in the inner-city? Not the suburban kids, because they went to school’s that were even further out, and all-White. Interesting, he thought. It must have been a lot of kids in Baltimore.

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